What Joey Wants For Valentine's Day
- We have red bagels
+ Okay
1 days ago
Mükkemmeli beklemek, garantiyi kovalamak, hayatı ertelemek. Yaşamak böyle bir şey değil, yaşamanın kendisi birçok kusurun idare edilmesiyle devam eden bir süreç. Şiddetten, acıdan ve kayıplardan uzak izole ettiğimiz yaşamlarımızda mükkemmelliyetçi hayaller kurup bunlara inanabiliyoruz. En doğru an muhtemelen şu an.
07 October Wednesday 12:01
It is not science fiction and not far from today. We are at the beginning of a completely new way of living. We will control devices without going near and pressing buttons. We will have new feelings such as algorithmic desires and fears. We will be able to cure some mental illnesses and probably get new ones. It is not possible to know about total sum of its benefits and harms. However I have a good feeling about our future. What a time to be alive!
27 August Thursday 13:56
Social platform idea for college students
Almost 3 years ago my friend asked me to create a social platform for college students. Then I designed one, but we didn't go for it. The design is in the following image
06 December Sunday 21:21
Friends - Space Camp
31 August Monday 14:07
White Lotus finds Team Avatar
Bumi: Someone is missing from your group. Someone very important. WHERE IS MOMO?? hasdashdash
24 August Monday 22:14