Holt Eats A Marshmallow
09 June Tuesday 21:04
These AIs will change everything we know
09 May Saturday 20:01
29 April Wednesday 19:20
Gangsta's Paradise
My intent was to stay in borders of scientific and philosophical sharings for this blog. However I really liked this edit for "Kurtlar Vadisi" which is a legendary Turkish mafia series. Ignore this exception and enjoy future AI posts
23 May Saturday 15:15
Changing a random piece of the input to the neural networks may cause an unpredictible surprise in the result. When we think this manipulation for human-human relations, a strange random behaviour can result in confusion and instability on the reaction of the opponent. Source of this bug can be not knowing what to do when facing a complete weird situation. Seeing an artificial intelligence's confusion is exciting. It inspires me for tricky manipulations for our brains :)
09 May Saturday 19:03
29 April Wednesday 19:13